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Children & Teen Programs

SHABBAT YOUTH EXPERIENCE Every Shabbat morning 20-40 children ages 4-13 gather for a most exciting educational experience with Brocha Leah Greenberg. Children would not miss this event for anything!

JEWISH HOLIDAY YOUTH EXPERIENCE Jewish Holidays are not the same for your children once they partake of the Youth Experience at the JDC with Brocha Leah Greenberg

MONTHLY YOUTH EXPERIENCE: PIZZA PARTIES, BOAT RIDES ETC. Once every month 40-70 children gather for an exciting activity that is infused with a Jewish flavor. Whether a Pizza party or a boat ride, your children are guaranteed to have the greatest time of their life with Brocha Leah Greenberg

BAR AND BAT MITZVAH CLUB The JDC provides private and semi-private tutorials for your children that will give them a solid foundation for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Your child will want to continue even after their Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

RELEASED TIME FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN The JDC is working on introducing a national program to Buffalo. Children who do not attend any Jewish school will be given the opportunity to take off one hour a week from their Public School schedule and will be taken to the JDC facility to learn Judaism.

SKI SHABBATON Once a year - hopefully during the winter - the JDC sponsors a weekend at a ski area. Shabbat is spent in a warm, lively and inspirational atmosphere and Sunday is devoted to skiing. There is a family Ski Shabbaton on another weekend.

CLASSES AT HEBREW HIGH As part of its commitment to the Jewish community, JDC staff is part of the Hebrew High staff.

HELPING MOMS WITH THEIR KIDS' HEBREW HOMEWORK One of our newest classes, Mrs. Chani Labkovski helps mother's help their children with their Hebrew homework.


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