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Ongoing Classes


FUNDAMENTALS OF JUDAISM. - LUNCH & LEARN Explore the fundamentals of Judaism in the work of Judaism's greatest philosopher- Maimonides

A TALE OF TWO SOULS - The "Tanya" Referred to as the "Bible" of Chassidic thought, the Tanya probes the depths of our Soul, identifying its properties and capabilities, and shows us how to bring it to the surface.

A TALE OF TWO SOULS - A WOMAN'S PERSPECTIVE A woman's perspective on Jewish and Chassidic thought, using the Tanya as a springboard for discussion and inspiration, for women only

PROFILES OF GREAT JEWISH THINKERS & THEIR WORKS A dynamic exploration of Judaism's greatest thinkers and their monumental works, such as Maimonides, Rashi, Nachmanides, Ba'al Shem Tov and their teachings.

TORAH CLASSICS- LUNCH & LEARN A study of snippets of Jewish classics and an analysis of their deeper meaning.

INTRO TO KABBALAH Participants will be treated to the secrets of the Torah, providing a fresh and intriguing understanding of the intrinsic relationship between the Jew, G-d and the Torah.

ADVANCED KABBALAH For those who had their fill of introductory courses in Judaism's mystical tradition. Study one of the most profound contemporary Kabbalistic texts, known as Hemshech Ayin Beis.

WESTWOOD COUNTRY CLUB LECTURE SERIES A series of lectures on Jewish and contemporary issues. Meets several times a year.

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES LECTURE SERIES From time to time, Rabbi Greenberg delivers a series of lectures on contemporary issues such as Pluralism, intermarriage, science and Judaism, medical ethics, the Peace Process, etc. at the J.C.C.


TALMUDIC POTPOURRI The Talmud - the master text of Jewish Oral law - is a vast storehouse of information about Torah, law and logic. It was written so concisely, that ever since its completion over 15 hundred years ago, some of the best minds in every generation have made it their life's goal to reveal its mysteries. By choosing different sections of the Talmud, you will begin your quest into the world of the Talmud. This class will employ the ancient Chavruta (study partner) method, followed by a lecture. Meets Sunday mornings.

INTERMEDIATE TALMUD For those who have some background in the Talmud, but would like to develop further skills, this class is a must.

ADVANCED TALMUDIC LECTURE For rabbis, scholars and intellectuals, this lecture will take one topic of Jewish law and discuss its intricacies and profundities, with some novel insights that will shed light on the subject.

ETHICS OF THE FATHERS During the summer months, a weekly class in one of Judaism's greatest and most beloved classics, the Talmudic tractate devoted exclusively to ethics, as opposed to law.

HOLOCAUST AND JEWISH LAW Join U.B. students in a study of the many theological, legal and ethical issues raised by history's greatest catastrophe.

JEWISH MEDICAL ETHICS A credit course at U.B. survey of Judaism's attitude towards the numerous ethical and legal problems in the world of medicine today.

JEWISH ETHICS A survey of Judaism's' views on a wide array of ethical issue that confront modern society through U.B.'s Judaic studies program.

ISRAEL AND JEWISH LAW A credit course at U.B. that presents a fascinating analysis of Jewish law view of the Modern State of Israel and how it should deal with thorny issues such as Peace and Who is A Jew.


ELEMENTARY YIDDISH Have fun at the same time that you will learn the basics of Yiddish and Yiddish expressions.

INTRO TO YIDDDISH A credit course at U.B. discussing the Yiddish language and its reflection of Jewish history, religion and culture.

ADVANCED YIDDISH Practice the Yiddish you already know and enjoy the opportunity to converse in mama lashon.

ELEMENTARY HEBREW Learn the basics of Hebrew reading and comprehension.

INTERMEDIATE HEBREW For those who have already mastered the fundamentals.

ADVANCED HEBREW For those who can already carry on a conversation in Hebrew..


UNEARTHING THE GEMS IN THE TORAH Discover the jewels and profound insights embedded within the Biblical text, drawing on the vast treasure house of ancient and modern commentaries.

LIVING WITH THE TIMES Live with the "times," by studying the classic Likkutei Sichot, insights of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive.


JEWISH YOGA-FOR WOMEN ONLY Learn Yoga from a Jewish master with a Jewish twist. For women only. There is a fee.

POOL AND PEARLS Enjoy rounds of pool with pearls of Jewish wisdom.

FOOTBALL AND FARBRENGEN Watch football and enjoy a farbrengen, a Chassidic get-together, with l'chaims and morsels of food for the body and soul.

GOLF AND GEMS Come Spring and transform your golf game into an intellectual experience with tidbits of Jewish wisdom in between holes.

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