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Curriculum A 


Social values are an integral part of Judaism.They are grounded in the Ten Commandments and are a central thread running throughout the Torah. They are deeply imbedded in our psyche and an integral part of our personality. But is there anything unique about Jewish social values?

In this course we will explore the unique contribution of Judaism and Torah to the array of Western social values including: Justice, role of government, civil and criminal law, value of life, compassion and kindness, truth, peace,humility and joy.

6 Sundays - Sunday, February 8 - Sunday, March 15

10:00 AM


Curriculum B


There has recently been a flurry of books published on the life and teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. "The Rebbe", as he is affectionately known, has advanced a model of thought and living that resonates deeply within our hearts and minds. His innovative approach has profoundly changed the face of the Jewish world.

6 Sundays - Sunday, February 8 - Sunday, March 15


11:00 AM


This class will be repeated on TUESDAY evenings at 7:30



Parshat Va'eira

The first seven of the ten plagues are enumerated in this week's Torah portion, Va'eira. The plagues were the prelude to the liberation of our ancestors from Egypt. The thrilling and dramatic way in which the Children of Israel experienced sudden and complete transformation occurred in both the physical and the spiritual realms.

Physically, the change was extremely dramatic. Imagine the bitterness of our ancestors' slavery:

Mission - Possible

Impossible: preposterous, inconceivable, unthinkable, unachievable, undoable. The list in the thesaurus (shift F7) goes on and on. There seem to be quite a lot of synonyms to describe something that we consider impossible. But must you be Don Quixote to dream about doing the impossible? Must you be part of the IMF to accept a mission that seems impossible?

When a Jew undertakes an activity which is totally in concert with his inner self,

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